The introduction of Single Touch Payroll (STP) by the Australian Taxation Office has changed the way business and their tax practitioners manage and report compliance to ATO, especially on payroll.

STP applies to all employers with a headcount of 20 or more employees from July 2018, including full time, part time and casual  employees.   Employers with less than 20 employees can voluntarily report STP or have until July 2019 to comply.

At GovReports, the adoption process of STP is made easier for business, BAS agent and Tax agent to get on board and without the hassles of new system implementation. Regardless of which ever the software you use to manage payroll or do not use any software, our solution will enable you to comply quickly and easily.

Get hold of the easiest Single Touch Payroll (STP) solutions for business, BAS & Tax agents including online STP form to fill & lodge, upload payroll report in XML or CSV and or STP solution as a stand alone payroll module or as part of the accounting ledger.

There are 3 flexible solutions for business:

1. GovReports Lodgment Platform

GovReports STP compliance options for each pay cycle:
  • Data entry the employees and their pay details directly online to create and lodge payrun to ATO. Rollover option is available for repeat on each pay cycle.
  • Upload Payruns generated from Desktop software such as Reckon, MYOB, Chris 21 or CSV format for STP lodgment
  • Suitable for those with existing system in place that calculates payroll and tax
Single Touch Payroll module is included in all GovReports Savvy and On-Demand packages.
  • Savvy package comes with unlimited lodgments of STP and all compliance forms included in the professional packages.
  • On Demand - Low annual subscription fee with additional pay per lodgment.
  • For business with non STP compliant software, STP lodgment can be done via your own GovReports BAS/Tax agents FREE of additional software cost.
  • For business with non STP compliant software, preparing and filing your own STP reports via GovReports, price starts from $144 per annum plus filing fee of $6.60 per STP lodgment with no limits on employees number.


2. IAM STP Reporting Module
IAM is a simple standalone payroll application created for micro and small business to prepare and lodge Single Touch Payroll direct to ATO. If you have simple payroll requirement, then GovReports IAM – STP is the right fit for you to meet Single Touch Payroll reporting obligation. You will have option to upload payrun events in CSV or simply manually enter the payroll details for simple payroll calculation and of course direct lodgment to ATO. No limitation on the number of employees.
Annual cost is $99 GST & Lodgments inclusive. Free Trial on IAM to March 2020.

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3. IAM Business Ledger
A simple and easy to use business ledger built to meet micro and small business accounting and regulatory reporting needs. You will have options to upload data files for Sales, Expenses, Payroll events, receipts and or invoices, Bank Statements…etc to create financial and compliant reports ready for direct lodgment. Reports available for lodgment include Activity Statements, Tax File Number Declaration, Single Touch Payroll & Business Tax Return. You may also engage your own tax or BAS agents to access and review your account and reports for lodgment if you need advice or that DIY is simply not your thing!
Annual cost is $149 GST & Lodgments inclusive. Free Trial on IAM to March 2020.

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